Orthopro Footwear

Are you looking for stylish footwear that accomodates your special needs?

Orthopro offers experience in providing a complete range of footwear

  •  footwear for men and women and children
  • extra depth and width styled shoes (orthotic-friendly) 
  • custom/made-to-measure orthopaedic and diabetic footwear.

Our skilled technicians can provide imaginative solutions, incorporating devices into standard footwear. These include rocker soles, raises, flares and wedges and stretching to relieve points of pressure.

We have selected suppliers that are some of the most experienced orthopaedic shoe manufacturers in New Zealand and worldwide. They manufacture shoes and boots for every need.

Please fell free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Dr Comfort was developed to fulfil a need in the market for people searching for genuine comfort with style and choice.

The result is a range of men’s and women’s shoes that are extremely well received by diabetics and health care professionals not only for their feel, fit and function, but also their overall look and quality.

The core principals of the Dr Comfort footwear range are:

  • Total satisfaction in look, feel & fit
  • extra depth in the toe box
  • Easy to put on, many with Velcro fastening
  • The use of top quality natural materials
  • proper shoe fitting can alleviate foot complications.
  • Continual improvement heel to toe
  • Improve our customers walking experience

Looking for the right shoes that offer you the comfort, size, and width you need? 

Then look no further.  Propét Walking Shoes not only provide you with the built-in comfort you need but also offer great value and more sizes for those of you who have a hard time finding your size. 

Propét’s offer that “broken-in” feeling as soon as you take them out of the box.  So whether you are taking your dog for a walk, dropping the kids off at soccer practice, or putting in a long day at the office, you can count on the comfort of Propét Walking Shoes to be there.
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Quality
  • and more widths and sizes for you

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