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  •  Orthopro provides comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic care for adults and children
  • foot and sports orthotics
  • complex orthotics for people with paraplegia, hemiplegia, polio and cerebral palsy
  • comprehensive range of off-the-shelf and custom splinting and bracing for all conditions
Orthopro strives to achieve the best outcomes for its clients
  • we pride ourselves in providing prompt appointments and quick delivery
  • we use the most advanced technology and materials 
  • we provide services throughout the Wellington region, to hospitals, ACC clients, and private clients.

  Orthopro manufactures all custom orthotics and prosthetics in-house 
  • we have a fully equipped Orthotic and Prosthetic Manufacturing Facility  
  • we produce high quality orthotics and prosthetics to the clients’ exact requirements. 
  • we are the only provider in the Wellington region able to offer a comprehensive clinical and manufacturing orthotic and prosthetic service in-house.

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